Our History

We Are Committed to Healthful Living

Our Vision

To bring & delivers novel therapies to treat Cancer(s), Thalessemia and Nephrology that enables every patient to live healthier, happier & more active life at affordable cost.

Our Mission

o be an aspiring & motivating young technocrat having a passion to contribute in building a healthy and strong country.

Our Goal

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It all started in 2012 as CLARITY acquires legal entity as a Distribution company.


CLARITY expands in medicine distribution and cooperates, with the companies Roche Pakistan, Eli Lilly & Co., Sandoz (Novartis), Atco Laboratories, CCL Pharmaceuticals, AJM Pharma, Amgomed Pharma and 23 different National & International Pharmaceutical companies distributions.


CLARITY moves towards to an in-house development strategy, it obtains products, and establishes new departments for Marketing and Sales.


CLARITY receives the award letters for its products from SKMCH, MSD SINDH, renowned atomic energy institutes KIRAN, CENAR, NORIN, SINOR, INOR etc.


The ongoing quest for quality assurance of services / products leads to the acquisition of the Certificate of Authenticity for specialized products.